Vitalik Buterin To Make First Public Appearance In Months

Along with eight other members of the Ethereum Foundation, Vitalik Buterin, the co-founder of Ethereum, will be present at the next Ethereum Conference EDCON 2023 in Podgorica, Montenegro.

Buterin hasn't spoken in front of the public since February 12, when he did so at the EthDenver convention.

Attendees can anticipate hearing from Buterin and other Ethereum authorities on a range of blockchain-related issues during EDCON 2023, which will take place in May.

A coincidence, though, gives this news a twist. Do Kwon, the creator of Terra, was discovered to have been detained in prison after being detained in Podgorica, Montenegro.

The upcoming EDCON 2023 conference in Montenegro might have a different vibe now that Kwon has been unexpectedly arrested, as delegates would be keen to explore the consequences of this change of events.

The Ethereum community is still giddy with anticipation for the upcoming conference and the chance to hear from Vitalik Buterin despite the potential shadow cast by Kwon's arrest.