Top Cryptocurrency Hacks So Far

The advent of digital currencies in the mainstream brought about its own set of challenges in terms of regulation and security.

One of the significant barriers to crypto adoption is hacking, and the prospect of malicious attacks. Here are the top crypto hacks that have happened so far.

Ronin Network: $625 million The biggest crypto hack so far, the hack was made up of 173,600 ETH (roughly $595 million) and $25.5 million in USD tokens.

Poly Network: $611 Million In August 2021, the DeFi network platform, Poly Network was targeted by a lone hacker who made of with more than $600 million which also included $33 million worth of Tether.

Binance: $570 million The Binance hack is considered one of the most high-profile hacks to date where the hackers created extra Binance Coins (BNB) and the withdrew 2 million BNB tokens.

Coincheck: $534 Million The Japanese crypto exchange, Coincheck suffered an attack in January 2018 where the attackers targeted lesser-known NEM coins.