Shiba Inu Latest Burn Computation- 111 Trillion SHIB Annually

With the aid of ShibaSwap, Shibarium, and virtual land renames, the Shiba Inu could theoretically burn 111 trillion SHIB annually.

The most optimistic price predictions came after a member of the community recently suggested that the asset would increase to $1. 

They calculated things using a SHIB value of $0.000027.

ShibaSwap's potential to burn up to 1% of its transactional volume was taken into account.

The calculation took into account that Shibarium would trade for $5 billion outside of ShibaSwap.

Shibarium would be burned at a rate of 1.85 trillion SHIB per month and 22.2 trillion per year for a hypothetical combustion of 1% of the metal's on-chain volume.