Healthy eating is not costly; Money-saving tips for your meals

Apr 6, 2023ET Online

Plan meals beforehand

Pick two to four meals diverse in nutritional value to cook at home every week. Meal planning will reduce your chances of buying food after a long, busy day.

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Only buy items on grocery list

As per Forbes, the best way to eat healthy on a budget is to go shopping with a plan in mind. So, plan your meal, check the ingredients you need and then check if you have them. Only buy the things you need.

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Reinvent leftovers

Repurpose or reinvent your leftovers. Invest in different types of airtight containers to store your leftovers properly.

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Store brand for the win

The generic store brand is cheaper than other brands because less money is used on advertising and packaging. Largely, the ingredients are similar if nt the same.

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Don't shop on an empty stomach

Eat something before hitting the store because an empty stomach will make you buy extra food and thereby increase your spend.

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Look out for discounts

​Always keep an eye for discounts and check out the clearance section of the store. Chances are you will buy a good deal.

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Buy foods that fill your stomach

Rather than eating a bag of chips, munch on some fruits or nuts. Not only is this a healthier option, it will also fill your stomach for a longer time.

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Buy in bulk

Buy non-perishable food items in a bulk. Chances are that you will get a better deal on bulk items than buying in lesser quantities.

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Mindful eating

Practicing mindfulness during meals (known as mindful eating) can increase enjoyment of the food, as per Harvard.

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