Celebs who had their names changed

Rajiv Om Bhatia was Akshay Kumar's birth name, but he changed it after being inspired by a Bollywood film hero.

He was born Jai Hemant Shroff but later changed his name to Tiger.

Her given name was Aaliya Advani, but she changed it to Kiara after Salman Khan suggested it.

Her name was Preetam Zinta Singh before she entered the industry.

Katrina Kaif used to go as Katrina Turquotte, her mother's maiden name.

Tabu, who has appeared in films such as Drishyam and Haider, has changed her name from Tabassum Hashmi Khan to Tabu.

At the time of his birth, Ayushmann Khurrana was known as Nishant Khurrana.

Nobody knew the Nawab's real name was Sajid Ali Khan until his marriage certificate was revealed!