Baby Doge Coin Soars 20% Following Exchange Listing News

The famous meme-inspired cryptocurrency BabyDoge coin saw a 20% increase in value after it announced that it will be listed on a top 5 exchange next week.

The announcement was made on the official BabyDoge Twitter account, which excited the site's vast and devoted following.

BabyDoge has gained significant popularity in recent months, with investors looking to cash in on the trend of dog-themed coins.

Despite being a relatively new player on the market, BabyDoge has established a reputation for success and has proven to be highly resilient to market shifts.

It is anticipated that the news of the top 5 exchange listing would further accelerate its growth and value. 

Price of Baby Doge Coin is $3.15e-9 USD, up 20.12% in one day.