Alaya-Malaika: Elegant in Amit Aggarwal

Kajol looked stunning in a saree-gown that was made to her specifications and decorated with glistening sequins and delicate hand embroidery. It was made of a rose gold silk.

The outfit was created by combining a 60-year-old vintage Banarasi brocade saree, which was woven with silver threads and coated with gold electroplating, with khadi silk fabric

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The attire blends two fabrics - a vintage Banarasi brocade designed with golden threads, and a well-defined structured body

Alaya F looks graceful in a short dress made of hand-woven metallic polymer with a marbled pattern, which she has paired with a belt

Ananya looks glowing in a tailor-made bustier, which has been delicately embroidered by hand and is paired with a plissé skirt

Janhvi appears breathtaking in a neon-coloured skirt and bustier that has been paired with a well-defined draped outfit